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Protocol for Submission of "Act Now" Postings:

Act Now postings should describe timely opportunities for groups and citizens to write, speak or act on an environmental issue, especially those with local land-use relevance.

Send your submission to with a Subject Line of "FMCE Act Now". The FMCE website is updated approximately twice a month, so please submit items at least three weeks prior to your action date. Submissions are approved at the discretion of the FMCE website editors. Postings may be edited for clarity and brevity. You may include links in your text. Do not write your posting in all capital letters. Try to keep your posting short.

Please copy and use the following format:

Subject: FMCE Act Now

Action to Take: (ex: Write a letter to your state representatives)
Issue Title: (ex: Voting on Bill ###.##: Protection of Wetlands)
Date: (ex: Public Comment Period ends Friday, March 4, 2005)
Time: (if any)
Group Sponsoring the Action: (ex: New Yorkers for Healthy Aquifers)
Cost: (if any)
Age Group: (ex: all ages, adults only, families with young children)
Location: (Postal address, website address, location of a public hearing, or other location)
Contact: (Contact person's name, phone #, email address and/or website address)
Description: (Describe the issue or action needed.)