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Monday, November 27, 2017

7:15- 9:15 PM

Location: Mt. Rise Church, Fairport. Mt. Rise Church is located off Rt. 31 on Mt. Rise which is just east of the canal and Kreag Rd.  Please park around back & use the upper entrance.

FMCE Business:  

* Acceptance of October 2017 Minutes

* Future meeting Facilitators – Jan. 22 John Kastner, February 26 

Speaker:  June Summers will show IJC Commissioner Lana Pollack’s 

presentation on the development of Plan 2014. 

Issue Updates: 

* Energy – Power Coalition, other    

* Climate Change – Rochester People’s Climate Coalition  

* Great Lakes – Canal Tree Clearing, Asian Carp  

* Land Use – Henrietta, Rush, Charrette Day  

* Parks – Cobb’s Hill Apartments, other  

Member Events and Announcements  

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Next Meetings: January 22, February 26   



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As an organization or individual who is committed to the principles of environmental protection, we encourage you to attend one of our monthly meetings to help you determine if you would like to become a member of the Federation of Monroe County Environmentalists.